Why Choose HKP Owners Corporation

Managing an Owners Corporation property can be a complex business and requires the knowledge of a trained and experienced team. Ham Kerr Property manages a number of Owners Corporations covering both residential and industrial properties across Melbourne.

Our Owner’s Corporation Management Team offers specialist advice, personalised service and professional management.

The appearance and value of your property is often determined by the way the common areas are maintained. Our experienced and competent contractors are highly skilled to carry out various repairs and maintenance to your owner’s corporation property and, all of our contractors are insured and comply with current Occupational Health & Safety legislation.

Our services include collection of contributions and levies as required and pay all disbursements on behalf of the Owners Corporation as they become due. Notices of Annual General Meeting are provided to all members together with respective financial reporting.

Upon appointment as your Owners Corporation Manager, an Introductory Meeting will be arranged to allow us to meet with owners and approve the proposed budget prepared for the reporting year.