Renter Information

What To Do When Looking For A Property

Once you have found the property you like, register your interest by booking an inspection online either through our website, or

How to apply for a property

When you register your interest online, you will automatically receive a PDF of our Tenancy Application Form.  You can also apply online for a property through our website by clicking here. Please ensure you provide us with all required references and complete the Privacy Statement, which is now required under the Privacy Act 1988. Please note that we cannot process your application if this is not done.

All applications are processed and submitted to the owner for consideration. A decision on an application usually takes approximately 24 hours and is at the absolute discretion of the landlord.

Upon acceptance of your application, you will be contacted by our Property Management Department and sent a Letter of Offer outlining the leasing process.

Appointment Only Basis

Our office operates on an ‘appointment only’ basis.

We ask tenants to please refrain from dropping into the office. Appointments enable staff to spend quality time with you and to properly prepare accordingly.

Kindly telephone or email us to make an appointment to discuss matters relating to your tenancy. Tenancy advice is not provided over the phone and all requests, other than urgent repairs, need to be submitted to the office in writing.

To report property maintenance, see  ‘Maintenance’

If you intend to vacate your property, see ‘Vacating’

For further renting information, click here to view Consumer Affairs ‘Renting a Home’ Guide.

Urgent & Non-Urgent Repairs & Notice to Vacate

Urgent Repairs are classified as:

An urgent repair is any work that is needed to fix:

  • Burst water service
  • Blocked or broken toilet system
  • Serious roof leak
  • Gas leak.
  • Dangerous electrical fault
  • Flooding or serious flood damage
  • Serious storm or fire damage
  • An essential service or appliance for hot water, water, cooking, heating, or laundering is not working
  • The gas, electricity or water supply is not working
  • A cooling appliance or service provided by the rental provider is not working
  • The property does not meet minimum standards
  • A safety-related device, such as a smoke alarm or pool fence, is not working
  • An appliance, fitting or fixture that is not working and causes a lot of water to be wasted
  • Any fault or damage in the property that makes it unsafe or insecure, including pests, mould or damp caused by or related to the building structure
  • A serious problem with a lift or staircase.

How do you handle an urgent repair?


An urgent repair is one that requires immediate attention.

If you are aware of an urgent repair at your property please contact our office on a weekday during business hours to ensure that it is attended to promptly.

Urgent maintenance can be email or telephoned through to our office so prompt action can be taken.

Please ensure you advise us immediately once you become aware of the urgent maintenance issue.

Taking prompt action ensures the issue does not persist of deteriorate further and allows for faster response times from our approved trades people.


Where you cannot contact a member of staff at Ham Kerr Property regarding urgent maintenance you must only contact the prescribed list of approved trades people listed below.

Plumbing Hames Reid Master Plumbers (03) 9853 3699
Electrical Electrical Services Melbourne 0412 448 157
Circuitech Electrical Solutions 0411 098 825
Locksmith Kon the Locksmith 0412 558 850
Glazier ASAP Glass 1300 734 584
Warrandyte Glass 0418 369 294
General J&E Maintenance 0407 546 919

Please ensure you attempt to contact our tradesperson rather than engaging other tradespeople, as our tradespeople have been trained to handle after hours emergencies. Should you require the services of the State Emergency Services (SES) they can be contacted on 132 500. We recommend programming this number into your phone. In an Emergency such as fire, call 000 immediately.

It is important to understand that should you engage any of these trades people after hours and the work is not deemed to be an urgent repair, you may be liable to pay for the callout and these repairs.

How do you handle non-urgent repairs?


You must inform our office via email about any maintenance issues that do not fall into the urgent repair category above, as soon as you become aware. Please ensure, when you email us, that you provide a detailed and accurate description and include photos, if possible. This will help us in determining the best cause of action to take and we can seek instructions from your Rental Provider.

Please do not contact any tradespeople directly regarding non urgent repairs.

Give Notice to Vacate

What to do if you wish to vacate your property ?

Your notice to vacate must be no less than 28 days and if you are currently on a fixed term lease the 28th day must fall after the expiration of the agreement.

Your notice to vacate must be received in writing, via email, and has to include the property address and the names of all renters.

Your Property Manager will confirm receipt of this notice by return email and send you further information regarding the vacating process.

Should you not hear from us within 48 hours, please contact us on 03 9830 0990 to ensure your notice has been received.

Rent is payable up to your vacating date and until the keys are returned to our office.